GROOVE DRUMS Version 1.5

Audio Unit Version

GROOVE DRUMS Version 1.45

You can use the mouse as a paint tool for creating hits with different velocities.
Ability to copy the hits of an instrument to another instrument with a drag & drop or a context menu.

Bugs fixed
Synchronization of external MIDI notes (version 1.43).
Initialization of equalizers.
Improvements in CPU resources and the resources used by the edit window.

GROOVE DRUMS Version 1.4

Standalone version allowing its use without the need for a host sequencer and so be able to export drum loops independently.
Independent equalizer by instrument.
Independent vumeter by instrument.
Fine tuning controls for Tune.
SCALE mode for velocity on the V-Tune, which selects the closest note in an editable range.
Assigning MIDI note for triggering instrument via MIDI Learn.

Bugs fixed
The equalizer was not updated when changing programs.
The wave file browser for Mac version did not accept the AIF files.
Velocity was not active on independent outputs.
Removal of transient noise when the reading of a sample was stopped by a hit.

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